We’re a premium wig making service based in London, UK. We create pre styled, ready to wear wigs created uniquely for you. We have an experienced stylist and wig maker at hand at every stage, so you can be sure to get all your questions answered as well as being guided through your purchase from wig conception to creation.


The back story...

It wasn’t until 2007 when I had a chance encounter with a half wig, worn convincingly by a friend did I stand up and take notice of wigs in general. I loved the “instant weave” and it’s versatility but, like some girls I still wasn’t entirely convinced it was for me.

Four years later I came across wigs once again at a more crucial time in my hair life. At this point my hair was breaking due to back to back sewins which didn’t really allow me to give my hair the regular treatments it needed. I was at a video shoot talking with one of the models and I commented on how amazing her hair was, “it’s a wig!” she said. I looked at her slightly confused, she went on to show me. I was converted from there.

In my mind utilising this style option would not only help solve my breakage issue but also give me the ability to change up my look as often as I like without damaging my hair. It wasn’t long before I started making wigs for myself on a regular basis. As soon as my friends realised the majority of my hairstyles derived from wigs, they wanted one too, and so did their friends...and so it started, my accidental business. I didn't have a logo, website or marketing strategy at the time, just a gift and passion for hair. 


Why get a wig from HBY?

  • We create units perfect for wig beginners and wig connoisseurs
  • All HBY units come with high quality virgin hair which gives you longevity, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the wig for a long period of time.
  • Our units are styled by a fashion hairstylist who has worked on numerous photographic and video shoots which means you not only get a well constructed protective unit but a well styled wig also.
  • Offers you full protection, perfect if you're transitioning or fully natural. Our stretchy breathable wig caps not only offer great ventilation but they also cut down your wash day drying by half.


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